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About Shalaye Camillo

At the forefront of Vital Source Realty is its founder and CEO, Shalaye Camillo. Her passion for real estate, education and entrepreneurship is the backbone of the company. While her days are filled with the managing and marketing of listings and client meetings, Shalaye takes special pride in prepping and counseling first time homebuyers! Her 5 year journey to homeownership allowed her to develop keen knowledge and insight needed to help first timers get on the fast track and avoid pitfalls that cost much time and money.

With a background in marketing, over 12 years selling real estate and being one of the few union Women Bricklayers in New England, Shalaye effortlessly navigates the sale and management of real estate deals… from Negotiation to Close and Rehab to Flip! She also adds certified Paralegal to her list of distinctions. Dubbed by a colleague as “The New Millennium Renaissance Woman”, her unique combination of seasoned Entrepreneur, Tradeswoman and savvy Real Estate Broker gains her clients vital insight on how to present properties-if a seller and how to evaluate properties- if a buyer!

Licensed in two states, Shalaye is also a dynamic Speaker and has had her story featured by MAHA and If you watch TV or frequent the Boston theatre scene, you may just catch her on commercials, in films or on stage! In addition to her commitment to clientele, she is devoted to her community and currently serves as a committee member for the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance and the Spelman Alumni Blueprint Conference for Girls.

“Helping clients attain their real estate goals is a privilege to me. I don’t just sell homes, I help build legacies!”~ Shalaye Camillo

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